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AEmpirical case

一:Cai Kunlong introduction

二:Kun, Long Yunhai The information integration and sharing platform, improve work efficiency and information communication, at the same time, students and parents based on the data further provide online business, interactive games and other methods of education is a combination of Internet platform.

三:management objectives    1、 for the group to direct molecular mechanism, to join the campus in the unified management of operations management group, headquarters can easily grasp the import agencies, campus operations, the assistant to join the school of fine management, efficient operation, to achieve financial and business integration of group management and control.
   2、Service scheduling efficiency and accuracy of arranging staff, reasonable and efficient arrangement of teachers' curriculum, course scheduling system supporting intelligent reasonable and orderly arrangement of teachers, classrooms, student resources filtering, support teachers, teaching archives management, curriculum and teachers with information related class students inquiry, classroom time statistics, idle time management, teaching resources to achieve the maximum utilization of.

四:Management objective    1、Students from various sources are given reasonable, accurate and quick allocation. Consultants (sales staff) follow up the process and record the information of all participants。
   2、Provide market leads, source channels, data and multidimensional reports analysis through market activity records to achieve cost control and accurate delivery of marketing activities

五:Financial objectives    The establishment of online registration fee system, student online course can not only support each join campus enrollment, but also through the most popular way of WeChat course registration, standardize the normal financial charging process, also can reduce the number of the staff under the line, so as to reduce expenses. For the tuition arrears students, the system provides a corresponding management and control mechanism to ensure timely recovery of arrears. The system also supports the establishment of a unified product pricing system and various forms of preferential relief promotions, and through a variety of mechanisms to prevent financial risks.

六:Interactive educational objective    1、Support students through the network anytime, anywhere on the student basic information, student achievement, student attendance, student courses, tutorials, visits and other information to view, but also for the course booking, evaluation and other operations.
   2、Online purchase books, video, game toys related products, the course will be produced for different games, games learning, edutainment integration, online and offline education platform.